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Yearly Archives: 2009

August 1st. 2009. Seattle, WA. More smiles, laughs and tears of joy than you could shake a stick at.

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Can’t wait to shoot this wedding in t minus 8 days. For reals. These two are winners in the Brighten book. Well… we don’t really have a book or anything. But if we did, they’d be in it for sure.

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Hey friends! I’m here at the moment:

O.K… so not exactly in an old barn. But in Nebraska.

Ya know… meetings. For those of you friends who don’t know… I also help run a little non-profit/ministry. This one.

But have no fear. I get back tomorrow. Hence so will our good ol’ regular programming around these parts. Perhaps on Thursday. I’m running on about as much sleep as a mongoose. I hear they don’t sleep much.

Catch ya on the flip.

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July 25th. Mercer Island, WA
Jake+Dana are about to get all their images this week. There are so many amazing images in their set it’s ridiculous.

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