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Monthly Archives: September 2008

A friendly little video announcement from yours truly. For those who don’t watch… just a little FYI reminder that we will be out of town for the next few days w/ Whitney’s work, but will have email, so feel free to fire away. But if you are anxiously awaiting your images, prints, etc., and don’t hear from us by late tonight, we will be getting back to things mid next week.

But check out this little diddy for the latest Brighten special!


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What an amazing adventure this was! Not only were all three of these little ones a crazy good time, but they just lit it up in front of the camera. This was quite possibly the best time I have had behind the lens in a very long time. And I make sure to have a good time, every time.

Let’s just put it this way… I turn my head for 5 seconds and the next thing I know the whole family is waist deep, trudging around in a fountain. Perfect.

With no further adue…

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Oh yeah. That’s right. We are officially open for biz.

And we kicked things off with the incredible Poeschl family. Not only were they an absolute blast, but Clint is Whitney’s boss, so we have to say lots of nice things about them…. 😉 Like…. man, that Clint is soooo good looking. Or something… (this is Ben writing this, by the way… because it would be weird if Whitney said that… really weird.) Moving along…

Grace was such a sweet heart and even drew us a picture to let us know how pumped she was to get her photo taken.

The last few weeks have been a blast as we’ve busted out into the world of family portraits. So if you find yourself wanting to spend a crazy fun afternoon makin’ images that will bring your Christmas card to the “all my friends are jealous of how awesome it is” level… then by all means give us a call. Our pre-xmas calendar is fillin’ quickly!

Check back in the coming days to see a few more examples of some other family goodness! Thanks to the Poeschl’s for a rockin’ time!

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So much for our blogging vengeance, eh? Have no fear…. we have more shoots to post in the coming week than you can shake a stick at.

And speaking of awesome (what?)… meet Ryan+Jehna. Awesome. For. Sure.

Ryan+Jehna…. you two make a parking garage look like heaven. We had more fun with you two than we could shake a stick at. Can’t wait to see you both again soon!

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Between travel and being waist deep in album designs and processing, we’ve taken a little vacation from our blogging lives. But have no fear friends, we’re back with a vengance.

And we’ll kick things off with the killer wedding day of Matt+Alicia…

Matt+Alicia… We haven’t had that much fun at a wedding in a long time. You both are incredibly gracious and even more hilarious! Welcome back to Washington. From what we hear, you have both definitely been missed. Thanks for the laughs, smiles, and incredibly good time.

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