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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Introducing spectularness in the form of family:

Go on…. it’s o.k. to be jealous. Those lil’ Pudwells are gorgeous!

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Today I jumped in the water with the groom for a little day-before surf. Not only was I floppin’ around with stupid fins on a body board, but I’m also ridiculously out of shape and have no idea what the crap I’m doing when it comes to capturing surfing. It was pretty brutal and the surf wasn’t being too gracious to the crew, but either way it was a good morning, with a few sick shots to prove it…

The wedding bells will be a clangin’ in the morning. Better recover my sore chubby self. Til then….

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In a few hours we are jumpin’ a ride across the good ol’ Pacific for the Hawaii wedding of Vince+Cheryl. We’re pumped. This is actually our last wedding of 08, so we tagged a little time on the end to recoop from what has been an insanely busy summer.

So thanks for you patience in advance as we won’t be returning emails or voicemails until we return on the 26th. There may or may not be a few blog posts along the way however… so stay tuned.


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Last week we had the ridiculous opporunity to meet this lovely engaged couple. This world traveling, business savvy duo knew how to throw down the love and laughs like no one’s business…

Tommy+Marissa… thanks for coming to our neck of the woods to throw down all that love in front of the camera. Be sure to enjoy that party in the coming weeks… you two have a lot to celebrate!

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