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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Here’s the skinny…. we recently shot an incredible graduate portrait session for some awesome friends of ours and it made us realize just how pumped we would be to offer them. So in the coming weeks we are going to be launching a new site that features our FAMILY and *the new* GRADUATE sessions.

First FOUR graduates (or your lovely parent) to contact us about a GRADUATE session saves big time. As in-you’ll be pumped about it-big time.

Yes, folks…. the ‘senior portrait’ world as you know it is about to get it’s roof blown off. Brighten style.

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So I am finally gettin’ my lazy self around to posting some photos of our new studio digs. We snapped these super quick after the Greenwood Artwalk last Friday. It was a splendid time indeed.

The space isn’t quite complete (as if my habits of constant change will ever allow it to be…), but we are pretty stoked about the results thus far.

Those massive pocket doors open up to my buddy Brett’s space. Brett is half of the genius behind the Greenwood Collective and  the designer extraordinaire of Schwager Designs. We built our spaces collectively so that we can open the entire space up and give it a super roomy feel, or close things down when we meet with clients, etc…. Brilliant.


Stop on by anytime. Seriously. I have beverages in the fridge with your name on it.

See you soon.

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Soooo…. there is this super awesome new resource and hookup called Seattle Style. And, well, just let me tell you how awesome it is….

It’s freakin’ awesome. As in-if you are a bride (or groom who actually is helping pick out your flowers, invites and place settings) then you shall look no further for an awesome resource for all your needs-awesome.

Heather and Kim rock out a super sleek site that features some of the best vendors around. And they were kind enough to want to feature yours truly in their blog post today. In it they quizzed Whitney and I on our opinion of what couples should be looking for as they select their photographer and also gave us the chance to showcase the awesome wedding that we shot of Justin+Sarah last August.

So swing on by here to check out our little interview and a few images. And while you’re there…. be sure to give a shout out to the lovely ladies at Seattle Style. :)

And just in case you were wondering… today is Friday. Which means that tomorrow is Saturday and that my friend, is the best news you’ve heard all day. :)

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Hey friends!

Every month our crew at the GC, where we have our studio space, opens up the doors for the monthly Greenwood Art Walk. Tomorrow night is our first night participating in the Art Walk and we are pumped to join in on the fun. I anticipate our future participation to be an awesome chance for me to work on some personal projects I have spinning in my head and showcase them… but this month, we’ll just have our studio set up with our wedding imagery.

We have a whole load of other studios showcasing at the GC as well as some live music.

All friends, clients (and by clients I mean friends…), fam and random peeps are welcome to come kick it with us and check out our new digs! Because let’s be honest… you can stay home and watch some reruns of Grey’s Anatomy…. or actually go do something with your Friday night. 😉

The GC is located here (85th and Greenwood-ish, next to Gary’s Games). The party rolls from 6-9pm. Come share a beverage, listen to some good tunes and kick it with us.

We’d love that.

(the following is an image of the GC I stole from the GC website…) and for those who can’t make it tomorrow night… we’ll be sure to finally grab some images of our new digs and post them on the blog!

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So this week we’ve sponsored the Mammoth Men as they embark on another adventure full of shananigans. If you’ve never heard of these crazy guys… definitely drop on over and pay them a visit. Not only do they drop amazing images, but they are just down right awesome guys.

Needless to say we are doing a contest and giving away some awesome stuff… including an 8GB iPhone, awesome apparel from Lifetime Collective and Brixton, earbuds from Radius and some giftcards towards iTunes and Evo. Gotta get your entry in by tomorrow (thursday) by 10am PST!

So drop on by and enter yourself in to win some goods!

(on a personal level…. definitely stop by Lifetime Collective and Brixton and pick up something from their ridiculously awesome lineup! My buddy Clayton from the GC is a rep for both those awesome companies and definitely deserves some love!)
Sorry about all the Mobile Digs posts lately… it’s been an overwhelming part of our world over the past few weeks. Definitely got some sweet Brighten stuff coming over the next few weeks!

Cheers friends!

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