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the friday night routine.

So every Friday for the past few months I’ve developed this little routine. And for being a person with very little rhythm to my life, I’ve been loving the regularity to which I prepare for our Saturday weddings. I could give you a step by step process, but that would be boring, and quite frankly…. I’m guessing you don’t care. (I wouldn’t.)

But the cliff notes version looks like this: drag all the gear out of the office. lay it all out. lens check. lens clean. battery check. charge low batteries. organize memory cards. check camera time stamps. put gear in bag. format memory cards. pack them into card holders. hit the sack.

And just in case you are wondering how many memory cards a few wedding photographers use…. well about this many:

Yep. That’s 60GB. In 2 & 4GB cards. That way if a card takes a dive, there isn’t much at risk. Yet to happen. Yet.

So there you have it… the cliff notes version to our wedding day prep. We try to get everything checked out the night before so that if any gear is acting funny, we can swing by Glazers in the morning.

So about that hitting the sack step….

  • August 23, 2008 - 12:57 pm

    merlin - whitney has twitter now too! you guys are so tech savvy!

    i like the system you guys got going on.

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