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just in case…

We are migrating our email over to a new host tonight. So if you happen to send us an email in the next day and it bounces back to you, have no fear! Just wait a bit and hit the send button one more time!

Im guessing we won’t be down more than a few minutes, but I thought I’d throw up a little note just in case the internet got a case of the Microsoft bug or anything…:)

Oh… and I’ll be up late posting a wedding tonight. Hold on to your hats. Or beret. Or whatever other type of headgear you might be wearing. Ahhh…. Nevermind. Its too stinkin’ late. Catch all the love on here tomorrow!


UPDATE…. all set! Smooth as butta!

  • August 27, 2008 - 12:33 am

    merlin - dude…i told you….i dont have to wear my headgear anymore! GREAT! now everyone knows that i used to wear headgear at night.

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