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Crazy Goodness and a lil WPPI.

So once again, I’ve come up with a crazy idea. Usually when this happens, Whitney kindly hears out my madness, smiles and says something to the extent of ‘oh sweetie… you have so many good ideas. Someday that one might be neat.’ Neat? Neat?! She might as well have said that it sucked. Usually they do.

But this time…. she totally thought it was awesome.

And I’m thinking… wait? you mean you aren’t going to be that dose of reality that confirms that starting a piñata store that doubles as a swanky wine bar is a bad idea? YESSS!

So even though we might not be starting a new piñata themed wine bar… we have started yet another biz. And we’re PUMPED. Not gonna give the details yet, but hold on to your hats and by Monday,check back for the full dose of goodness! (especially you other photogs out there-we really think you will dig what we’re throwin’ out there!)

Here’s a sneak peak….

I know what you’re thinking… ‘What the EFF is that?’ We’re thinking the same thing.. well… not really.

Stay tuned.

On another note… we are heading to WPPI! Super last minute. But if there are any other photogs out there- we would love to hook up. Maybe lunch, dinner, drinks, throw water baloons off the top of the MGM.. ya know… whatev.

So hit us up and we can kick it for a bit.

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