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5 years ago on this day… (well it was a Saturday, but you get my drift) we two little young tikes promised forever.

And if the last five years have been only the beginning of forever….

Then that my friends, is quite possibly the greatest decision anyone could ever make.

Here’s to the girl who stole my heart at 16 and who keeps stealing it every day…

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We are stoked to announce the crazy little adventure that has been the past two weeks of our lives. Here’s the skinny…

Mobile Digs.

Most people that have some sort of online portfolio (insert photographers, graphic designers, architects, interior designers, hand models, marketing firms, etc.), all have portfolios based in Flash. Problem being that Flash doesn’t work at all on mobile devices (insert iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, etc.) 

Until now. (insert Mobile Digs). 

We have created a super easy, yet totally good looking solution so that when someone visits your online portfolio from a mobile device, they are automatically redirected to this awesomely gorgeous, yet totally speedy lil’ new portfolio that actually works on said mobile device. (insert applause). 

So please, stop by our new site and check it out. Say hello. Tell your friends. Tell all your friends. Even tell your Aunt Myrtle. Heck… buy a copy for yourself. 

We are thrilled about this new adventure. 

For the many lovely friends we have at this here blog… (all 18 of you :)) we thought we’d throw out a little love. When checking out use the coupon code brightenlovesyou and save half off. (Normal price is $39 bucks. That means you get a swanky new iPhone friendly site for less than 20 bucks. Score.) 

Feel free to pass that code around to anyone else whom you might think will enjoy it. We’ll keep that code good till February 27th. 

And much thanks to my buddy Chris from Anova Solutions, who spent an ungodly amount of time helping get this thing ready over the past two weeks, so that we could spread the word at WPPI. You are an unreal dude and I can’t wait to share a drink with you soon. Thanks bro.


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By far the best part of WPPI was spending 3 full days with this lovely lady.

We met many wonderful people from all across the globe. And we may or may not have stayed up awfully late a few times. I have many photos from our time-shots of the city, of our shananigans and of the few shoots that we took part in with models and big lights-but none of them come close to these gems that make me smile like the Nile. 

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Yesterday Whitney (playing hookey from work) and I braved the crazy Seattle snow to trek on up for the opening day at Stevens Pass. Epic would be an understatement. Not only was it a blast passing all of the abandoned cars along the 405, but the snow was fresh, deep, and glorious.

Only a few lifts were open and the groomers were pretty trashed by midday, so Whitney and I decided to do a bit of hiking to find the deep, untouched stuff.

(Whitney trudging up the mountain via iPhone photo)

Here’s to best Seattle winter ever…

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O.K….. so not ever. At least in the last few months. And at least for us. You might have much greater and more exciting news… like, maybe, getting engaged (which is absolutely thrilling!).

But seeing that we are already married, this news is incredibly exciting for us.

We just leased a brand spankin’ new home for Brighten Photography.

I know. You probably just peed your pants. Admit it-even if it was just a little bit. So needless to say, we are in the middle of a mega build out of our new basement studio. We have joined a whole crew of amazing other creative individuals and businesses at an incredible place called the Greenwood Collective. Its a spot in Greenwood that rents out both shared office space and individual studios to those in the creative industries. Check out their website for images of the upstairs space (which we can reserve for private parties- wink, wink.) They are a ridiculous crew to say the least.

So this week we find ourselves demoing out our new 500 square foot pad, and bringing her up to tip-top shape. It is Ben’s new full time home away from home and space for us to meet with all of our amazing clients.

Chiggity check it….

So before you start rambling about it being a dump… it absolutely is. (not to mention the photo is crap from our lil’ point n’ shoot) It’s like our own little mangled baby kitten we found on the side of the road that we will quickly be nursing back to health.

Have some vision, folks. It’s going to be ridiculous. (and I’m even trying to convince Whitney to let me throw in a shuffleboard table… we’ll have to see how that goes…)

We are working our brains out this week to get it ready by this Friday for the upcoming Greenwood Art Walk. We’ll keep you posted on the progress as the week goes on.

Seriously. Exciting.

Stay tuned. The before and after of this baby will make Rachel Ray more jealous than Hillary Clinton in 1998. It will be that good.

None of this exciting endeavor would be possible without the love and support of you. That’s right. You. (client. family. friend. you.) So thanks to the many who have loved and supported us well over the last 12 months as we’ve launched this business and watched it explode. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Cheers friends. And get ready to come party with us at our new pad very, very soon.

PS- The first person to name the brand of bucket in this photo wins a sweet prize. (those friends who’ve already paid a visit can keep it on the DL!) Seriously. Not that difficult.

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