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Can’t wait to shoot this wedding in t minus 8 days. For reals. These two are winners in the Brighten book. Well… we don’t really have a book or anything. But if we did, they’d be in it for sure.

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There is so much that we can say about this amazing couple. We had the privilege of finally meeting the two of them this last week for their session, and it was a beautiful time indeed.

Andrew+Tesmer both work for the U.N. in Tanzania. Let me just say this…

Hearts. Of. Gold.

They’ve given their lives to fight aids, feed the hungry, and love those who need it most. They are world travelers who smile, laugh, care and love in a capacity rare in this world.

We are deeply blessed to have met them. And are as equally as blessed to be capturing the new adventure of their lives as they become one.

Cheers to that. And cheers to these two lovely people.

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