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Monthly Archives: August 2008

We are migrating our email over to a new host tonight. So if you happen to send us an email in the next day and it bounces back to you, have no fear! Just wait a bit and hit the send button one more time!

Im guessing we won’t be down more than a few minutes, but I thought I’d throw up a little note just in case the internet got a case of the Microsoft bug or anything… :)

Oh… and I’ll be up late posting a wedding tonight. Hold on to your hats. Or beret. Or whatever other type of headgear you might be wearing. Ahhh…. Nevermind. Its too stinkin’ late. Catch all the love on here tomorrow!


UPDATE…. all set! Smooth as butta!

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Every week, while the beautiful new couple is chowing down on their elegantly scrumptious dinner, we sneak in and steal the rings. And every week we get to watch the new Mr. & Mrs. wiggle, moan, twist, struggle and pull with all their might…. just to get that new shiny goodness off of their fingers.

It’s so stinkin’ cute.

I don’t even remember capturing these images. But they are priceless.

Congrats Justin+Sarah! Soak up all that sun in the Carribean for us while we jealously deal with the return of the Seattle rain.

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So my sweet lil’ mom has been in town for the past few days. It has been quite lovely. When she first arrived I shared with her my dream of eventually owning a crepe cafe. Our own cafe to meet with clients in? Are you kidding me… it’d be amazing.

Crepes are ridiculous. And the best ones we’ve ever had are in Vancouver. Side note.

So one day while she (my mother) was wandering around Seattle, she decided to get us a few supplies so we can start the Harms’ crepe cafe in our own kitchen. So tonight we decided to fire up the stove and get to cookin’.

Buuuuuut….. before the party got rollin’, I made a little trip to the super market. Fred Meyer to be exact. And while literally fumbling around in the whip cream cooler, I dropped a can of said whipped cream and suddenly found myself covered, head to toe, in artificial heavy whipped cream.

The results:

One might immediately be frustrated by such an event, especially after having a bit of a hellish afternoon. However, I happened to be carrying in my wallet my official Ryler Society membership card. As the frustration began to seep to the surface, I was reminded of my calling as a member of the Ryler Society. According to my official membership kit:

“Say some bird poop hits you on your way to lunch… do you laugh at that? Or how about when the sink splashes you in the crotch just enough to make it look like you’ve peed yourself — or maybe you did a little bit. People are so quick to get upset. And that crap should be funny. We aren’t alive long enough to miss these things; to be embarrassed, fearful, or angry. And it’s not worth it anyway.”

And the fact that I literally EXPLODED a can of whipped cream all over myself in the middle of the grocery story, is in fact, hilarious. And should be. Life is too short to be angry at such beautiful moments.


We ended up making some incredible crepes. Phenomenal actually. With no further adue…

We started the night with a spinach, mushroom, bacon + cheese combo and finished with the above nutella, strawberry + banana combo.

Mmmmm. Lovely indeed. Hope you had a happy Sunday.

Even if you did find yourself near the dairy cooler completely covered in whipped cream.

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At least it’s how we rolled at tonights off-the-hizzy wedding.

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So every Friday for the past few months I’ve developed this little routine. And for being a person with very little rhythm to my life, I’ve been loving the regularity to which I prepare for our Saturday weddings. I could give you a step by step process, but that would be boring, and quite frankly…. I’m guessing you don’t care. (I wouldn’t.)

But the cliff notes version looks like this: drag all the gear out of the office. lay it all out. lens check. lens clean. battery check. charge low batteries. organize memory cards. check camera time stamps. put gear in bag. format memory cards. pack them into card holders. hit the sack.

And just in case you are wondering how many memory cards a few wedding photographers use…. well about this many:

Yep. That’s 60GB. In 2 & 4GB cards. That way if a card takes a dive, there isn’t much at risk. Yet to happen. Yet.

So there you have it… the cliff notes version to our wedding day prep. We try to get everything checked out the night before so that if any gear is acting funny, we can swing by Glazers in the morning.

So about that hitting the sack step….

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